Exchanges are carried out by placing orders on the website. Payment details should be obtained from the operator via the online chat (shortcut in the lower left corner).

Please note! Funds should be transferred using only the payment details specified on the website!

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10% from our income credited as cashback to your account

Step 1.
Register and log in to your account. The affiliate program is activated automatically


Step 2.
In the menu in the left side of the ""Affiliate Programs"" section, the user will see that the ""Regular Affiliate"" program has been activated.


Step 3.
Next, the user navigates to the main website page and can carry out an exchange.


Step 4.
Specify the appropriate direction (""Send"", ""Receive"") and amount. Don't forget to tick ""I agree to the terms of the transaction"" .


Step 5.
Keep following the instructions. With this affiliate program, 10% will be credited to the user's balance as cashback after the transaction has been completed."

You can get up to 5% of's income from your referrals. The funds are credited immediately after the referral's transaction is completed.

Step 1.
In order to get income using your referral, you will need to register and/or log in on


Step 2.
Navigate to the "Referral" section.


Step 3.
A referral link will be available on this page; you must send it to your future referral .


Step 4.
After your referral has completed the transaction, you will be credited with 5% of's income from it. The referral's personal account will also be credited with a 5% cashback .

How do I withdraw my earnings?

In order to withdraw funds from your account, navigate to the ""Referral"" section and click on your balance. Next, specify a sum.

Note: you can only withdraw funds from your account if the balance is at least $100. Follow the instructions after you have clicked on your balance.