Exchanges are carried out by placing orders on the website. Payment details should be obtained from the operator via the online chat (shortcut in the lower left corner).

Please note! Funds should be transferred using only the payment details specified on the website!

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For Influencers, on transactions from __ from their referrals. Influencers are credited with 40% from every transaction made by your viewers/audience.

Step 1.
Register and/or log in on the website.


Step 2.
Navigate to the "Affiliate Programs" section. The user will see that the "Regular Affiliate" program has been activated when registering.


Step 3.
You are either an Influencer or have your own viewership/audience, which you would like to monetize by bringing them to the exchange service.

Step 4.
After clicking "Activate", fill out the registration form and provide information about your online resource or your source of traffic. Next, click "Receive code".

Step 5.
A link will be sent to the email address specified during registration. The user must click it in order to confirm his/her actions.

Step 6.
After the actions have been confirmed, the exchange will receive the application and verify it. After that, a manager contacts the user and activates the "Influencer" program.

Step 7.
After the program has been activated, the "Repository" section will become available.

Step 8.
The following is available in the new section:
- exchange rate export files;
- label sources;
- compiled labels;
- banners;
- detailed information about the c1k company.

Step 9.
Your referral link is available in the "Referrals" section. It should be used on your platforms, websites, community pages, or in content that you publish. You will be credited with 40% of the exchange service's income from users that registered using your referral link.

to increase traffic for your referral link, you should motivate your audience and explain to them the benefits of the affiliate program.

For referrals that have registered using the "Influencer" referral link, there is a cashback of 10% of the exchange service's income.

Step 1.
A referral that has come via your traffic channel and your referral link carries out a transaction. After this, the following earnings are credited:
- For Influencers, span style="color: #f33333;">40% of the exchange service's income.
- The referra; receives a 10% cashback from the exchange service's income from his/her transactions.

Step 2..
The Influencer's referral can also begin earning by giving his/her own referral link to a new user.

Step 3.
Ordinary affiliates will receive 5% of the exchange service's income from each transaction of all users registered using the "Regular Affiliate's" referral link.

For a referral that has obtained a referral link from a monitoring referral

Step 1.
Here is what happened prior:
- We have activated the "Influencer" affiliate program.
- You have published content for your audience.
- The client used the provided link and became a referral.
- After an exchange has been made, your account was credited with 40% of our income.
- Your referral received 10% of our income as cashback.

Your referral also receives a personal referral link, which can be sent to new users to receive 5% from our income from the new referral's transactions. The new user will also be credited with 5% of our income.

Step 2.
After an Influencer's referral has given his/her link to a friend, he/she can also begin earning 5% of our income from his new referral's every transaction, while the new referral will have 5% (the same amount) credited as cashback. In the end, all parties make a profit.

Active figures
40% (income)
Person #1 ico-human Influencer
From his/her transactions when registering using the referral link 10% (cashback)
from own transactions
Person #2 ico-human Referrals of Influencers (regular affiliate)
From his/her transactions when registering using the referral link 5% (income)
from own transactions
Person #3 ico-human Regular affiliate referral
Monetization with can be
carried out with your audience as follows:

Share your referral link in your posts/videos, tell people about our exchange service and provide information about your link in your post/video description.

For chats, community groups and pages:

Post information about us on your pages and attach your referral link.

For owners of websites and forums:

- Use banners from our repositories and use them on your platform by linking them to your referral link.
- If the banners are not suitable, you can modify them to fit your needs.
- If you are unable to modify the banner yourself, contact us at Telegram to get help from a specialist.

For marketologists, targetologists, CPA networks:

- Create single-page seller websites and route the target traffic to them.
- Route target traffic to your referral link.
- Or use any other suitable means of attracting traffic.