Exchanges are carried out by placing orders on the website. Payment details should be obtained from the operator via the online chat (shortcut in the lower left corner).

Please note! Funds should be transferred using only the payment details specified on the website!

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For "Influencer Managers", the income will be 5% of the income from each transaction done by their audience and influencers.

Step 1.
The "Influencer Manager" program is suitable for:
- Managers
- Media Se11R
- Active people with persuasion skills.

Using this program provides the following benefits:
1) 5% of our income from each transaction done by the audience of a supported "Influencer".
2) For your "Influencers": 40% of the exchange service's income from every transaction.
3) For the "Influencer's" auditory/viewers: for "Regular Affiliates", this is a 10% cashback from our income from their transactions and 5% of our income from new referrals registered using the referral link of a "Regular Affiliate" account.
4) For persons registered using a "Regular Affiliate" referral link: 5% cashback from our income from their transactions.

Step 2.
A user has registered and logged in on the website. Next, he/she needs to navigate to the "Affiliate Programs" section.

Step 3.
By default, the "Regular Affiliate" program is used. If you get acquainted with the "Influencer Manager" program and wish to activate it, you can find an "Activate" button at the bottom of the page. You need to remember that one key condition for activating the program is having at least 3 "Influencers" that have an active audience and are willing to integrate their referral link into their content by clicking and registering via your own referral link.

Step 4.
Click the activation button and fill out all necessary information.

Step 5.
After you have filled in the necessary information, your data will be sent for review.

Step 6.
After the "Influencer Manager" program has been activated, you can begin working. In the "Referral" section, you will find the referral link that you will need to give to your influencers.

To be more effective:
- Register as many "Influencers" using your referral link as possible.
- Track the quality and quantity of the content that they publish.
- Check that the banners are placed on websites and forms of your "Influencers".
- Use Telegram chats by providing your "Influencer" referral links so they could include their own links in their posts.
- Find and register influencers via your referral link in Telegram channels, as well as Instagram and facebook pages.
- Find influencers by other means.

Для «Лидеров мнений» по сделкам от Вашей прибыли с их рефералов. Earnings for influencers are 40% of income from each transaction of your audience.

Step 1.
A referral receives your referral link. By default, he is registered as an "Influencer".

Step 2.
The repository in the left menu on your account page is available to an "Influencer" by default. It contains the following:
- A description of the company.
- Work recommendations.
- Sources of image files.
- Sources for banner image files.
- Exchange rate export files.
- If you need help, contact a company representative at Telegram.

Step 3.
In the "Referrals" section, an influencer can find a referral link in his personal account page. Every transaction carried out by the influencer's audience using that link has 5% of it credited as earnings, as well as 40% of the exchange service income as earnings to the influencer himself/herself.

regularly motivate your audience and tell them about the benefits of referral programs.

For referrals registered with an "Influencer" referral link, there is a cashback of 10% from our income from their transactions

Step 1.
If a referral from the audience of your Influencer has used the a referral link to carry out a transaction, then:
1) You will automatically receive 5% of our income from the transaction.
2) Your "Influencer" receives 40% of our income from the transaction.
3) Referrals from the Influencer's audience automatically receives the "Regular Affiliate" program when registering using the influencer's referral link and receive the following benefits of the program:
- a 10% cashback from our income on their transactions;
- the ability to share his/her own referral link;
- after someone registers using their referral link, "Regular Affiliates" can earn 5% from the exchange service's income from transaction of their registered referrals.

For a referreal that registered using a monitoring referral link:

Here is what happened prior:
1. We activated the "Influencer Manager" affiliate program and sent the referral link to the "Influencer".
2. The influencer used the referral link to register and got his/her own referral link from the "Referrals" section.
3. The influencer integrated his/her referral link into his/her content.
4. Persons that have seen the content that the "Influencer" publishes have begun to carry out transactions using the Influencer's referral link.
5. As a result, the following users have benefitted:
- the influencer's manager has earned 5% from each transaction made by the influencer's audience;
- each influencer earned 40% of our income from every transaction made by the audience;
- the influencer's audience has received 10% of the exchange service's income received from their transactions.
6. A person from the influencer's audience, who automatically received the "Regular Affiliate" program, sends his/her referral link to another user, who registers using it.
6.1. Next, the "Regular Affiliate" earns 5% of our income from every transaction made by his/her referral.
6.2. 6.2. His/her referral also received 5% of our income from his/her transactions as cashback.

Note that the referral also gets his/her own referral link, which can be used to register new clients and receive 5% of the exchange service's income from their transactions.

Monetization with can be
carried out with your audience as follows:

Share your referral link in your posts/videos, tell people about our exchange service and provide information about your link in your post/video description.

For chats, community groups and pages:

Post information about us on your pages and attach your referral link.

For owners of websites and forums:

- Use banners from our repositories and use them on your platform by linking them to your referral link.
- If the banners are not suitable, you can modify them to fit your needs.
- If you are unable to modify the banner yourself, contact us at Telegram to get help from a specialist.

For marketologists, targetologists, CPA networks:

- Create single-page seller websites and route the target traffic to them.
- Route target traffic to your referral link.
- Or use any other suitable means of attracting traffic.

How do I withdraw my earnings?

In order to withdraw funds from your account, navigate to the "referral" section and click on your balance. Next, specify a sum.
Note: Note: you can only withdraw funds from your account if the balance is at least $100. Follow the instructions after you have clicked on your balance.